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The Destiny Test

The Society of Peregrines uses this list of marks of Destiny to help determine who might be destined to vanquish evil. Take the test and see if you're the one.

Are either of your parents dead or missing?
Are both of your parents dead or missing?
Are you the oldest child in your family?
Are you the third child in your family?
Are you the seventh child in your family?
Are you the youngest in your family?
Have you been raised by beings not of your kind?
Have you ever suffered from amnesia?
Have you ever been kidnaped, captured, or abducted?
Do you possess supernatural powers?
Have you ever rescued someone from mortal peril?
Have you ever been in love with someone of high destiny?
Are you unusually intelligent (please be honest)?
Do you have unusual talent (again, be honest)?
Are you extraordinarily good looking (remember, honesty is a virtue)?
Is there an evil-doer particularly interested in your demise?
Do you experience prophetic or otherwise informative dreams?
Do you have any unusual birthmarks or scars?
Are you frequently in apparent danger?
Are you the youngest or oldest member of your social group?
Do you have any odd, overpowering weakness?
Have you ever been falsely accused of a crime?
Have you ever been rendered unconcious by accident or intent?
Do you have friends or relatives among the destined, either good or evil?
Have you ever come back from the dead?
Have you ever been entrusted with an object of power?
Are you in communication with any supernatural beings?
Have you ever fulfilled a prophecy?
Has your best friend or mentor met an untimely death?
Were there unusual circumstances at your birth or any other major life events?
Are you in the care of an evil uncle, aunt, step-parent, or other guardian?
Do you have a secret identity?
Are you descended from persons of importance, wealth, or power?
Have you ever been unaware of your true heritage or identity?
Have you ever been erroneously presumed dead?

Your Score: marks of Destiny

0 marks: Expendable. You'd be advised to lay low in a crisis.

1-5 marks: Acceptable number of marks for membership in the Society of Peregrines.

6+ marks: Destiny too high. You're probably too busy fighting evil in your own system of reality to help us.

This page copyright © 2020 Rebecca J. Carlson. All Rights Reserved.

How do you Compare? The Destiny Scores of some well known fictional characters:

Harry Potter: 26
Dumbledore: 17
Hermione Granger: 11
Ginny Weasley: 10
Ron Weasley: 8

Luke Skywalker: 19
Leia Organa: 17
Anakin Skywalker: 15
Obi-Wan Kenobi: 10
Han Solo: 8
C-3P0: 8

Frodo Baggins: 21
Gandalf: 17
Aragorn: 13
Pippin Took: 11
Samwise Gamgee: 10

Wilbur the Pig: 8

Lucy Pevensie: 15
Peter Pevensie: 12
Edmond Pevensie: 12
Susan Pevensie: 11

Will Stanton: 17 more