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The Society of Peregrines

For generations, the Society of Peregrines has worked to ensure that every story has a happy ending. Secretly traveling between fictional worlds, which the Peregrines call "systems of reality," they seek out the heroes and help them win their fight against evil.

The Society of Peregrines is a small, elite, highly trained group. As novices, young Peregrines train in many useful skills, such as wilderness survival, hand-to-hand combat, lock picking, taking falls, scaling cliffs, impersonating evil guards, finding hidden secret passages, making tactical use of Irony, and interpreting communication from helpful animals.

After a novice passes a set of rigorous trials, he or she will become an acolyte. Acolyte Peregrines work for several years in a single system of reality, becoming familiar with cultures, languages, and the local laws of nature. These systems of reality are chosen carefully to make sure the acolyte will not be in serious danger but will still have an opportunity to practice skills in the field. After acolyte training is complete, and upon passing a review by the council, a Peregrine becomes an adept.

Adepts are the rank and file of the Society of Peregrines. They choose a system of reality where a Crisis seems to be brewing, then quietly blend in with the ordinary populace. As the Crisis builds, the Peregrine watches for those who are destined to resolve it. Once the destined are found, the Peregrine does everything possible to help and protect them in their difficult task. Sometimes a Peregrine does no more than offer a few words of advice as a passing stranger. Other times they take on the role of a kind neighbor, helpful teacher, friendly janitor, useful servant, hospitable innkeeper, fellow traveler, or anything else that might aid the destined along their way. Then, once the Crisis is resolved, the Peregrine moves on to another system of reality and begins the process once again.

A very secretive organization, the existence of the Society of Peregrines is not generally known in any system of reality. Still, there are innumerable systems where the Peregrines have played a small but crucial role in ensuring that good triumphs over evil. Though they are never recognized by the general public for their service, they have the satisfaction of knowing that the good-guys just couldn't do it without them.

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